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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers...

Where can you find documentation for liberating persons from elevators?

You can find documentation in form DIN EN 81-28.

Which forms have to be observed by the construction of elevators which have to be equipped for handicapped persons?

1. DIN EN 81 – 70 Accessibility of people with handicaps to elevators.

2. DIN 18040 – 1 + 2 barrier-free construction

  • Part 1: buildings open for public
  • Part 2: houses and apartments

3. DIN 18049 – 1 + 2 barrier-free construction

  • Part 1: buildings open for public
  • Part 2: houses and apartments

3. DIN 18024 – 25 The barrier-free construction

Would you like to design your elevator barrier-free with Vestner Aufzüge, our trained personnel will consult you personally and inform you with all details.

Which building regulations and construction specifications have to be observed?

Certain construction specifications and regulations have to be observed building an elevator. For example norms have to be taken into account building a shaft as well as sound insulation and fire protection are very important and very often questions to these points have to be answered.

To leave none of these questions unanswered our qualified technicians and personnel will inform you about all your queries to establish the basis for a smooth construction without problems.


Elevator systems offer several possibilities to improve the energy performance of a building.
It is often the case that two separate independent elevators are operating in just one building. By installing an intelligent control system it is often possible to combine the two systems into one elevator group and therefore saving energy costs.
Modern drive systems with frequency control - also available as a gearless version -  consume up to 60% less electricity than conventional systems. This applies to both hydraulic and electrical elevator systems.
A large energy saving potential of elevator systems is excisting due to permanently switched-on car lighting. By using modern LED luminaires and / or intelligent switch-off electronics, the consumption costs can be quickly reduced without high investment costs.
As a rule, each elevator shaft has a mandatory ventilation opening. As a result of the physical suction effect of the shaft, valuable room heat flows unhindered out of the building. In this case, a smoke extraction system connected to the elevator control system provides an effective remedy.
For advice on options for energy saving for your elevator system, you are invited to contact our specialists!

What do you understand under an elevator without a machine-room?

Under an elevator without a machine-room (MRL elevator) one understands that the elevator does not need an additional room for the machine to host the drive mechanism and gear as in other elevators. The complete technique of the elevator is built compactly in the shaft.

Do I have to install an emergency system in my elevator if I have none?

The legislative body requests based on the construction safety regulations and the valid rules of the TRA that the person operating an elevator needs an elevator guardian during the whole time the elevator is in use and who is present and reachable 24 hours a day to help and interfere if persons are locked up in an elevator.

If the request cannot be fulfilled the corresponding checking organ asks for an emergency call system.

Attention: If the person operating an elevator does not obey to or respect this regulation he is responsible for all consequences.

If I am obliged to build an elevator if my building has a certain height?

Every county in Germany has other regulations and laws which state when it is necessary to build an elevator in a building.


To receive exact information about those regulations we recommend applying to the Building Office which is responsible for your building-sites and plans.

Can I install a gearless elevator?

Space for houses, apartments and industrial buildings get very short and the prices rise higher and higher. Vestner Aufzüge offers you with the series “Advance III”, “Advance III Compact” and “Advance IV” a qualitative high and space-saving solution in order that these expensive spaces are not wasted. With modern design and shaft measurements of small dimensions the Advance series help you to save space and money. A presentation of these new elevator series you find in our planning documentation. We will send it to you on request. For further information about a gearless elevator you also can contact our trained sales personnel.

Can you also use our service for elevators from other manufacturers?

Since many years good service is of great importance to our company. A competent and friendly customer consultation and support is of course our aim. We have the ability and skill to repair and control elevators from other manufacturers by our highly qualified and well-trained service personnel.

Can I install a new elevator in an existing elevator shaft?

In most cases it is possible to build a new elevator in an existing shaft. You have to prove that the shaft corresponds to the construction regulation and is examined and corresponds with the requested construction standards which have to be adjusted with the respective Building Office. After this examination showing you the results we can determine which elevator type can be build in the existing shaft.

Whom can I consult if I have problems with my elevator or if people are locked up in an elevator?

The connection to our 24-hour emergency call system offers you and your elevator users a reliable solution. In case of an electric power outage or a service breakdown we guarantee that all persons locked in an elevator are freed in the legally specified time. Locked up persons in an elevator just press the emergency button and then they are directly connected to the emergency service office (speaking connection). The person in the emergency office tries to calm the locked in person and immediately initiates necessary measures or states false alarms. All emergency calls are documented


You can reach our emergency call centre under the telephone-number: 018052 11144