24 hour emergency hotline: +49 0800 58 94 767

+43 0800201320

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When you have completed a valid maintenance contract with us, you can also use the following mail form.

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Emergency call

Emergency call facility and standby for all elevator installations.


When placing an emergency call, it is of the utmost importance to make contact with us by phone. Hence you can be sure that the people involved will get help as soon as possible.




Emergency call system

All-in-One, mobile radio-based.



    The VESTNER-Plus-Factor- emergency call system

    • Installation of emergency call systems in existing and new systes of every kind

    • Delivery and registration of the appropriate mobile data card with flat rate

    • Assembly and commissioning of the emergency call system

    • Test of the system

    • Test connection to the emergency call center

    • Preparation of the legaly postulated emergency plan

  • Transmission of emergency calls

  • Voice connections to the control center or to permanently engaged places such as gates or technical staff
  • Two-way communication systems

  • Automatic function test

  • Emergency power supply

  • Remote control of the elevator control

  • Remote configuration and readout

  • Remote updates

  • Flooring voice messages 















24 Hours standby, 365 days a year.

We offer the direct, bilateral voice connection between the car and the emergency call center. To calm down the trapped person by trained personnel.

Professional and appropriate savety evacuation.

Our service team can be reached 24h an 365 days a year:

+49 (0)180 5211144*

+43 0800201320 for Austria

*(0180-5 Caller ID from the German landline, incl. VAT 0.14 € per minute

Calls from the mobile phone cost no more than 0.42 € per minute regardless of the prefix.)


If you have a valid maintenance contract with us, you can also use this  mail form 

Your benefits at a glance: 
24-hour disposition of the Emergency call center
Direct, bilateral voice connection between car and call center for calming down the trapped person by trained employees
Safe and proper liberation of trapped persons according to the required reaction time
Deposit of the emergency plan
Documentation of emergency calls