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Construction 2010, 15 passenger lifts (475 kg, 630 kg).

Construction 2007, 2 passenger lifts, 630 kg.

Construction 2011, Advance 4, 675 kg.

Construction 2009, 14 passenger lifts (capacity: diverse), 1 freight lift.

Construction 2006, 6 passenger lifts (675 kg, 800 kg, 1050 kg, 1800 kg)

Construction 2011, 1x Advance 4, 1x Advance 3 Compact, 1x Service lift, 1x Underground elevator.

Construction 2008, 4 rope lifts (630 kg).

Construction 2010, 13 passenger lifts (capacity: diverse), 1 freight lift.

Construction 2005, 20 passenger lifts (1250 kg), 10 escalators.

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