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Escalator & Moving walk

Excellent Designed Models bring you the perfect riding experience.

Long service life time, perfect Eco efficiency operation, stable and reliable performance, VESTNER will elevate you to the extraordinary comfort level.
VESTNER Escalator and Moving Walk meet all kind of requirements from different customers by their flexible and reliable design. The optimised utilisation of microcomputer variable frequency technology, ergonomics research results and the advanced manufacture technology brings the prefect, reliable and comfortable VESTNER products with excellent eco efficiency, easy repairing and maintenance

Your benefits at a glance: 
Stable and reliable
Long running times
High quality appearance
Eco- efficient
Cost- effictive

Application Field




Vestner Escalator is designed  to a maximum height of to 30 meters. Excellent performance, practical and flexible design meet different customer needs; long service life, energy- efficient carriage, stable and reliable performance make easy application in commerce and public transportation.

Important features at a glance
Moving Walk

Application Field



Moving Walk

Vestner moving walk solutions represent industry-leading manufacturing trend. The new design of sidewalk is up to a maximum length of 100 meters, and also individualised design will be made according to customer requirement. The use of advanced technology  accords with ergonomics design, making the functions and performance of automatic sidewalks increasingly improved. New, stylish and creative streamlined design has beautiful appearance which is integrated into the buildings harmoniously, bringing out the best in each other. 

Important features at a glance

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