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How can i reduce the energy costs for my lift?


Elevator systems offer several possibilities to improve the energy performance of a building.
It is often the case that two separate independent elevators are operating in just one building. By installing an intelligent control system it is often possible to combine the two systems into one elevator group and therefore saving energy costs.
Modern drive systems with frequency control - also available as a gearless version -  consume up to 60% less electricity than conventional systems. This applies to both hydraulic and electrical elevator systems.
A large energy saving potential of elevator systems is excisting due to permanently switched-on car lighting. By using modern LED luminaires and / or intelligent switch-off electronics, the consumption costs can be quickly reduced without high investment costs.
As a rule, each elevator shaft has a mandatory ventilation opening. As a result of the physical suction effect of the shaft, valuable room heat flows unhindered out of the building. In this case, a smoke extraction system connected to the elevator control system provides an effective remedy.
For advice on options for energy saving for your elevator system, you are invited to contact our specialists!