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Complete modernisation

Modern elevator systems always have to meet new requirements due to a lot of safety regulations change -

and also the expectations of the users. New technologies enable significant improvements in safety, performance, aesthetics and comfort of elevators. A modernization not only increases overall reliability and driving comfort. It serves the purpose of a long-term value preservation of the elevator system and not least increases the total value of the property.

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Our services at a glance
  • Compliance with all current safety regulations
  • Adaptation to altered building usage
  • Performance
  • Significant improvments of safety
  • Increasing riding comfort and reliability
  • Long-term value preservation
  • Reduction of the operating costs
Component modernisation

Step by Step!

As a part of the component modernization VESTNER offers reasonable modernization packages.


VESTNER analyzes the individual situation of existing elevator systems and shows you economically reasonable measures. These can be done without long-lasting operational interruptions.


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Modernisation packages Control-

    Microprocessor Control


    Reliability, riding comfort, flexibility, energy saving. Error message/service diagnostics, remote maintenance, maintenance costs are reduced.


    Operating panels


    State-of-the-art optic and operating elements. Intercom. LED-,LCD-,TFT- direction indication.


    Emergency call system


    Installation of an emergency call system. Connection to our 24 hour emergency call center, GSM-Technologie.


    Energy saving


    Optimized travelling times, automatic light switch-off.


Modernisation packages Drive unit-

    For rope drives:


    Drive technology, reliability, energy efficiency, smooth starting and brakes, silence ride. Maintenance costs are reduced. energy recovery.


    For hydraulic drive:


    Controlled hydraulic unit, smooth start-up, reduce the heating of the oil, longer service life.


Modernisation packages Car-

    Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean, latest design, vandalism prevention.


    Car doorswith controlled drive unit, light barriers.


    Car walls and floors in attractive long-lasting and durable materials, surface easy-to-clean, mirror variations.


    Car ceiling design Design/lighting variants, energy-saving lamps, LED technology.
Our services at a glance
  • Technical and energetical improvment
  • Econimical solution by flexible Vestner products
  • Increased riding comfort and reliability
  • Reduction of riding and waiting times
  • Optical upgrade
  • Vandalism prevention
  • Value retention of the building